2015 Bimmerfest at Autoclub Speedway – Fontana, CA

2015 Bimmerfest at Autoclub Speedway (Fontana, CA)

This year, Bimmerfest was held at the Autoclub Speedway instead of the Rose Bowl. The new venue was great because it was much larger and it provided a hot track for car owners to race their cars too. The weather was nothing to get all excited about since it was overcast all day, but at least it didn’t rain.
The event was very crowded and by the look of things and everyone seemed to like the new location. The lots were packed with BMWs of all years and styles. If you had a favorite, it was surely there. The only problem I had was that wasn’t enough time to see everything.
The vendor area seemed larger this year. If I recall correctly, there were over 80 different companies that were displaying and showcasing their products. This bodes well for Bimmerfest as it clearly indicates that their growing attendance provides a great incentive for companies to come out and participate in this show.

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