2017 Los Angeles Auto Show


The L.A. Auto Show is one of the largest if not the largest convention at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  Make sure to bring comfortable shoes, because there is a lot to see.

As always, the show before the show started with Automobility LA.  This is the combination of Connected Car Expo with the media days for the L.A. Autoshow.  On Monday, they hosted an absolutely fantastic steampunk inspired party which included stage performers, team members in steampunk cosplay and a variety of different foods to satisfy anyone’s taste buds, even if it ventures to smoked alligator.

This year, there are 50 vehicle debuts that are scheduled to be unveiled.  When you look at what these manufacturers are displaying, electric powered vehicles are here to stay and will only become a larger segment of the automotive industry.

One of the leaders of electric vehicles and storage solutions, Tesla Motors is making its appearance front and center at the South Hall.  There was extreme buzz around their new Model 3, which many have not seen in person due to current production levels.  Tesla invigorated the industry with its cars and showed the world that electric vehicles can be environmentally friendly, look good and be fun to drive.

Another trend that has been increasing in an exponential way is vehicle autonomy.  Driverless cars or driver assisted technology are maturing tech and the path of where the industry is headed.  All you need to do is look at the vast number of automotive firms and tech integration companies at the upcoming CES Show to realize that this is a big deal.

If you are a fan of Star Wars, you do not want to miss Nissan’s collaboration at the show.  Start your journey at the South Hall main lobby with their, “See the Unseen, mixed reality experience.”  Using their device, you scan a code on the car’s side window.  This opens a live video image of the car you are pointing it to.  The vehicle transforms right before your eyes as you move around it.   Nissan also has a Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma themed vehicle in this area.  At Nissan’s main booth in the West Hall, they went all out.  There are numerous X-Wing fighters hanging above you, with many Star Wars inspired vehicles on the show floor.

Don’t forget that besides the West and South Halls, Kentia Hall houses the “The Garage”.  This is the area where you will find modified domestics, exotics as well and the popular off-road and lifted trucks.  If you have not attended the SEMA Show this year, you will surely see a bunch of cars that were displayed there.

The L.A. Auto Show runs from December 1-10.   http://laautoshow.com/

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