2017 – 742 Racewars
Irwindale Event Center (Irwindale, CA)
November 19, 2017

This event was special because it was the closer of the season as well as the Irwindale Event Center.  The speedway and its dragstrip were running on borrowed time for several years, and it looks like it will be demolished for a future development soon.   Some stories indicate that it will be developed into an open mall or some warehouse distribution operation.  Perhaps, it will be an extension of the business next door?  Who knows?  But what is certain is that this racetrack will be greatly missed by the automotive community of Southern California.
The day could not have been more perfect for this final Racewars for 2017.  The weather was warm for late November and it was sunny all day.  For the most part, the event was super chill.  Everyone was having fun checking out the cars, hanging out with their friends and enjoying themselves.  One of the largest attended events was the sound-off competition.  Everyone seemed to like the revving and exhaust backfiring from the many cars that participated, especially with the Black Widow Supra that sounded like it was equipped with an AK-47.  That car was super loud.
The 1/8 mile dragstrip was also open during this event and it was quite busy.  It looked like everyone wanted to get some times recorded before Irwindale closes.
Thanks goes out to 742 Marketing and their staff for hosting another fun and exciting event.

For more information regarding their 2018 event dates, go to https://www.racewarsusa.com/

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