Auto Enthusiast Day Anaheim 2015 presented by Nitto Tire


Auto Enthusiast Day presented by Nitto Tire came to the Anaheim Stadium on Saturday August 1st, 2015. The crowd was wowed by the cars, models, displays, and drift demonstrations by Mad Mike Whiddett, Tanner Foust, Odi Bakchis and Vaugh Gittin, Jr. For more information visit

This was the 3rd year for Nitto Tire’s Auto Enthusiast Day, and it was pretty hot, both literally and figuratively.   The weather report was 83 degrees on Saturday, but it felt like it was in the 90s.   Too bad this show couldn’t be in an air conditioned convention center, but when you invite some of the top drift drivers in the world to lay down the rubber, you need space.  That’s where Angel Stadium comes into play.

To me, it felt like a Formula Drift event with the roar of massive engines and the clouds and smell of burning rubber.  The crowds of fans that attended seemed to enjoy the drift demonstrations as they lined the perimeter of the course which got an extra thick layer of Nitto Tires on the asphalt.   Some of the Nitto drift drivers included Vaughn Gittin Jr., Tanner Foust, Mad Mike Whiddett, Aurimas “Odi” Bakchis, and Matt Powers.

There was a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy at the show.  There were off road trucks, classic American muscle cars, import, euro and everything in between.

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