This year’s Formula D Pro rounds 5 and 6 were held at Texas Motor Speedway. Due to
the pandemic, FD held each round in a single day. Round 5 on Halloween and round 6
on November 1st. This gave drivers and crews little time to turn their vehicles around
for races making the competition more challenging. Round 5 was won by Ryan Tuerck,
2nd went to Chris Forsberg and 3rd to Vaughn Gittin JR. This was the first podium with
all Drift Alliance racers. In round 6 Forsberg and Gittin repeated podiums taking 1st and
2nd respectively. Chelsea DeNofa rounded out the top 3 at 3rd place. Tuerck was
knocked out in the top 16 due to vehicle damage in round 6. For more information go to

Photos by Brandon Johnston

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