Melyssa Grace

Melyssa Grace was born in Oakland, California and spent her childhood in Ewa Beach, Hawaii. She finished my middle and high school years in Ventura, CA. She is of Filipino and German descent (a Filipina Princess), and fluent in Spanish and English. Since she was a little girl, she’s have always dreamed of modeling. She often posed for my mother’s camera and practiced posing and walking like a model. Growing up in Hawaii offered her opportunities to dance (hula, tap, jazz and ballet) and compete in beauty pageants. Life has taught her many lessons, such as believing in yourself, working hard, and paying attention to detail. She loves fast cars and fast bikes (I own a Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle). She also loves to travel and enjoy new experiences and meeting new people. Her experiences in modeling have taught the value of acceptance and commitment as well as self respect and the respect of others. For more information visit:


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