2017 Japanese Cruise-In & Tech Day Meet
Petersen Automotive Museum (Los Angeles, CA)
April 30, 2017
When this day rolled around, I was not expecting the crowd that showed up that morning.  I was getting stuck in traffic throughout the neighborhood due to the massive turnout in addition to the Metro construction that had basically shut down blocks along Wilshire Boulevard.  I was finally able to find some street parking, blocks away because finding anything closer was next to impossible.  Even though Super Street had indicated not to come before 8 am on their Facebook event page, everyone did.  And LAPD had to drive around and declare that the Petersen garage was full.  Weird, why was it LAPD’s job to announce that?   Where was Super Street personnel to handle the traffic situation?  I even bumped into some friends who tried to get into the garage, but they just turned around and left.  Having to wake up early on a Sunday morning to drive all the way into LA and still not be able to attend was a bit frustrating for them.

The cars that did manage to get in were pretty nice.  But I saw quite a few empty parking spaces in the garage.  That was a shame, Super Street should have had people on radios communicating with on-street crew to allow more cars in.  In review, I think that the organizers were not ready for the crowd that did show up.  It wasn’t this crazy at last year’s tech day.
If you like Ferraris, the Petersen is also having a special exhibit, Seeing Red: 70 Years of Ferrari.  For more info, go to https://petersen.org/

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