Honoring more than 50 years in motorsport and the performance aftermarket, MOMO is launching the Heritage 6, the first road wheel in its Heritage Collection.  Available in 17” and 18” diameters, the Heritage 6 offers a pure motorsports design for both classic and modern sports cars.

The MOMO Heritage 6 wheel is a classically designed six-spoke wheel drawing design inspiration from the wheels used on MOMO race cars in the 1980’s and 1990’s. It features the flat spoke faces of the original MOMO competition wheels while allowing for large, modern brakes.

The monoblock Heritage 6 wheel utilizes cutting edge rotary flow-forming technology to optimize performance.  As with the MOMO Heritage steering wheels, the Heritage 6 connects MOMO’s past with today’s innovations to produce state of the art products for performance enthusiasts.

The MOMO Heritage 6 wheel will be offered in custom offsets to maximize the stance and performance of each individual vehicle.  It will also be available in standard satin black and satin silver, as well as many custom colors.

“We are really excited for people to see the MOMO Heritage 6 wheel. It’s clean lines will appeal to classic car enthusiasts and the fans of retro sports cars as well as modern car enthusiasts” said Vince Wong, Vice President of Lifestyle Performance.

Henrique Cisneros, Chairman of MOMO Automotive Group commented: “The Heritage 6 brings our competition history to the modern enthusiast, blending cutting edge engineering and manufacturing with the traditions and history of our storied brand.”

The Heritage Collection was introduced last year with a range of six retro-inspired steering wheels, and the collection will be expanded at SEMA 2017 with the MOMO Heritage 6 road wheel.

For more details about the MOMO Heritage 6, please visit momo.com


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