Red Bull Global Rallycross 2015 – San Pedro, CA


It was a double header at the Port of Los Angeles as Red Bull held rounds 8 and 9 on their purpose built track.  It makes a lot of sense to have multiple rounds at a single location because of the time and cost to build these very technical tracks.

Unlike some motorsports where the racing surface is just asphalt, rallycross has the added complexities of dirt.  It’s this one element that totally messes with a driver’s traction and visibility.  Take a less traveled line on the course and you hit softer soil.  Your traction decreases and you end up sliding sideways and drifting.  For Tanner Foust, drifting is second nature, since he has a lot of experience in Formula Drift.

And you can’t forget the dirt ramp where the drivers are launched up and hopefully to a solid landing.  Some drivers glide over, others nose dive into the dirt or come down at weird angles.  As long as their suspensions holds up, it’s all good.  And speaking of suspensions, this is the tricky part of tuning these cars.  Since you are racing on both hard and soft surfaces, not to mention having to jump a hill, the suspensions can neither be too hard nor too stiff.

Per Red Bulls website:

“Global Rallycross cars roll out of the factory as production models, but receive significant improvements to chassis, engine, and safety features to bring them up to racing spec. GRC vehicles are incredibly versatile; they produce 600 horsepower and can accelerate from 0-60 miles per hour in 1.9 seconds, but are also built to withstand 70-foot jumps and contact with other vehicles. Unlike many other racing series, they also do not feature the aid of electronic traction aids. Ford, Volkswagen, Subaru, and Chevrolet serve as Official Manufacturer Partners of the series.”

“GRC Lites is the official driver development class of Red Bull Global Rallycross. Future superstars hone their skills in equally prepared, 300+ horsepower pec vehicles developed by three-time Red Bull GRC Supercars champions Olsbergs MSE. See the next generation of legendary drivers before they become household names as they look to prove themselves worthy of a Supercars drive.”

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