RMD Garage Premiere


Ralph Holguin, CEO of RMD Group, celebrated his birthday along with the series premiere of RMD Garage on Velocity Network.  The star studded gala included food and refreshments provided by In-N-Out Burger, Village Road Pizza and Beer among a few others.  There were hundreds of people ushering in the new show that included a SEMA built of a Ford Bronco dedicated to our nation’s military and a customized VW Bus that was craned through a window on the fourth floor of an office building.  The first episode was exciting and a true testament of what RMD is about.  

Much of RMD’s automotive exploits have been documented on Ralph’s personal YouTube channel, where he shares his creations with the world. Captured by RMD’s impeccable craftsmanship and Ralph’s personal charisma, production company Beyond Entertainment recently partnered with him and the RMD Garage television series was developed. The RMD Garage show will showcase Ralph’s creative exploration and his commitment to the celebration of California car culture. The show will give a unique behind-the-scenes perspective on the conception, development and execution of RMD’s genre-bending car creations.

RMD Garage is on Velocity on Wednesdays at 9pm.  For more information visit:  rmdgarage.com/ and https://www.velocity.com/tv-shows/rmd-garage/

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