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Ralph Holguin is the American Dream. In the face of adversity, he has pursued his passion for creativity and segued it into a bustling business and global influence. An immigrant, high school drop out, and ultimately a successful California entrepreneur, Ralph has leveraged his drive, determination, and spirit of innovation into a creative enterprise spanning multiple industries. 

Holguin now exercises his creative zeal as CEO of RMD Group. RMDoriginally conceived as a humble car detailing business (Ralphs Mobile Detailing)has since evolved to include nearly every facet of experiential, event, and trade show design, planning, and execution. RMD now exists as an omni-channel experiential agency focused on creating unique customer experiences for a diverse portfolio of corporate clients. Over the years, Ralph and RMD have conceived and manifested unique customer experiences for an array of brands from Ford and Lexus to Red Bull and Toyo Tires. 

In 2010, Ralph infused his passion for custom cars into RMDs arsenal of talents and created RMD Garage. RMD Garage exists as a boutique garage and full-service curator of automotive lifestyle. Ralph and his RMD Garage have elevated the resto-mod to an art form, modernizing some of the most iconic classics. While classic American steel remains a favorite medium, RMD refuses to be pigeonholed, outputting stellar builds of all genres, eras and manufacturers. RMD brings a unique approach to custom car workwith unrivaled attention to detail and an ability to push every build well beyond the boundaries of ordinary. Under Ralphs leadership and through a fusion of traditional and modern techniques, RMDs Long Beach shop applies the highest levels of craftsmanship and ingenuity, producing some of the meanest vehicles on the road. 

Much of RMDs automotive exploits have been documented on Ralphs personal YouTube channel, where he shares his creations with the world. Captured by RMDs impeccable craftsmanship and Ralphs personal charisma, production company Beyond Entertainment recently partnered with him and the RMD Garage television series was developed. Debuting on the Velocity Network in August of 2017, The RMD Garage show will showcase Ralphs creative exploration and his commitment to the celebration of California car culture. The show will give a unique behind-the-scenes perspective on the conception, development and execution of RMDs genre-bending car creations.

Holguins professional drive and personal adversity also fuel his passion for social change, philanthropy, and civic activity. He has won numerous awards for his community work and involvement. In addition to being appointed Economic Development Commissioner for the City of Long Beach, Ralph is also involved in local outreach, specifically with at-risk youth.  He is a frequent speaker at Cal State Long Beach and is a regular collaborator with various Long Beach Unified School programs. 

Ralph Holguins entrepreneurial spirit and his fulfillment of the American Dream is evident in everything that he does. Under Ralphs creative direction and leadership, the award-winning RMD Group has flourished. Named among the top 100 agencies in the world for three years in a row, their experiential and automotive expressions are an extension of not only Ralphs will, fortitude and grit, but also his imagination.  

For more info visit:  rmdgarage.com

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