2018 Tuner Evolution – SoCal
Anaheim Convention Center (Anaheim, CA)
January 14, 2018

It’s the start of the new year and what better way to kick it off but to have a large car show.  This was Tuner Evolution’s first time in California and it was a huge success.  The number of attendees was quite high and there was a lot to see at the show.  The main attraction were the cars, and there were a lot of really nice ones in attendance.  Static, bagged, wide-body, domestic, euro, import, lifted or slammed.  If you had a favorite style or combination of styles, you could find your car here.

Besides the cars, people came to meet their favorite import models at the model lounge.  There were quite few fans waiting in line to meet Janis True, Ela Pasion, Brittani Paige, Marie Madore, and Bear Delllinger.
Setup of the hall positioned the main stage at the far end with corners/areas devoted for rc drifting, bboy competition and the bike stunting on the ramps at one end.  Besides the main stage, I think the bboy competition was the second most crowded area at the show.
The bikini conpetition was hosted by the King of Print and Jessica Sunok took home first place in the competitioin.
Congratulations to Tuner Evolution for hosting a fantastic event in Anaheim.  We are looking forward to your next show here in Southern Californa.  If you are interested in Tuner Evolution’s upcoming 2018 schedule, check out their webpage at http://tuner-evolution.com/

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