2018 Purist Group Winter Drive

2018 Purist Group Winter Drive
Industry Hills Expo Center (City of Industry, CA)
December 9, 2018
The Purist Group hosted another amazing event at their annual Winter Drive which brings together car enthusiasts to collect toys during the holiday season.  The event was held at the Industry Hills Expo Center and it was larger than the previous year at this location.  The amount of toys collected during the event was enormous as huge boxes were filled to the brim with every type imaginable.  Thank you to everyone that attended and shared something for this.event.
And who can forget about the cars?  There were so many modified classics, imports, euros and exotics to check out.  And while roaming the aisles, I saw a few SEMA show cars that attended as well.  Those were a welcome sight, especially to the people who didn’t attend SEMA this year.
Per the Purist Group’s webpage, the “Purist Group is a unique collection of people. We are a little different from other car groups you may encounter on the Internet. Many of the members in this group are well-known drivers, journalist, tuners, car collectors and and overall car geeks. All are solid and respectful gear-heads.”

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