2019 Sunset GT – Road to Pebble Beach

2019 Sunset GT – Road to Pebble Beach
Sunset Plaza (West Hollywood,CA)
August 11, 2019

This month’s Sunset GT meet was insanely crowded because it seemed like everyone got the word out that they need to attend.  Usually, this meet only uses the upper parking lot, but there were quite a few cars that were sent down to the lower lot that the vast majority of people don’t go down to. If you didn’t go down, you missed a beautiful Skyline R34 down there.

There were so many supercars and hypercars at this meet and it felt like being in auto heaven.  Everywhere you turned, there was yet another spectacular car to check out.  Just seeing a LaFerrari or a Chiron would have been cool, but seeing them next  to all the other exotics was amazing.  Props to the crew of Sunset GT for crowd control and operations, because coordinating the roll in and mobs of people that morning was quite the undertaking.
For more information regarding the next meet visit, www.sunsetgranturismo.com

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