2024 Tuner Evolution – SoCal

2024 Tuner Evolution – SoCal
Los Angeles Convention Center (Los Angeles, CA)
March 16, 2024

Photographer:  Adam Hyatt

Tuner Evolution SoCal 2024: Celebrating Automotive Artistry at the Los Angeles Convention Center

The Tuner Evolution SoCal car show, a pinnacle event in the sport compact tuning scene, is set to ignite the streets of Los Angeles. With its roots deeply embedded in California’s car culture, this year’s show promises an exhilarating display of meticulously crafted vehicles.

California has been the breeding ground for automotive innovation, and the Tuner Evolution community has thrived here. Now, in 2024, the show takes a bold step by relocating to the Los Angeles Convention Center. This iconic venue, nestled in the heart of downtown LA, provides the perfect canvas for enthusiasts to showcase their passion projects. From slammed imports to turbocharged domestics, attendees can expect a diverse array of cars that redefine automotive aesthetics.

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