Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Legends Tour 2018

2018 Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Legends Tour
El Segundo, CA
April 28, 2018
Hot Wheels is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year and what better way to mark the occasion than throwing a car meet?  Well, for them, that means 15 car meets throughout the US.  A winner will be chosen at each city and then these winners will be judged at the biggest car event in the world, the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The ultimate winner will be immortalized as a Hot Wheels die cast car.  Now how cool would that be?
To start this tour, Hot Wheels launched it at their headquarters in El Segundo, CA.  Southern California is known for their car culture and this show did not disappoint.  There is a reason that people here love their cars so much. Cars are part of their driver’s personality and it is one of the places that they spend the most time, especially in this gridlocked town.
The special guest for this event was Jay Leno.  This was a perfect choice since Jay is such a car enthusiast.  He brought one of his Corvettes to the event, checked out the many cars and took selfies with many of the participants and guests at the show.
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