Los Angeles Auto Show – 2016

2016 Los Angeles Auto Show

Media Days
November 14-17, 2016


The L.A. Auto Show is one of the largest if not the largest convention at this venue.  Make sure to bring comfortable shoes, because there is a lot to see.  Unlike previous years where hydrogen technology was being pushed, this year was all about the electric vehicles.  All of the major manufacturers had some type of electric vehicle to showcase, whether it was a plug-in or hybrid type.  I really think that Tesla invigorated the industry with its cars and showed the world that electric vehicles can be environmentally friendly, look good and be fun to drive.  Tesla has its cars on the Concourse area, right outside of Galpin’s room.
Of all of manufacturers, Nissan’s display was pretty impressive.  Now who can compete when you bring a full sized tie fighter from Star Wars and have it displayed front and center?  Nissan is one of five global brands joining forces with Lucasfilm Ltd. for the launch of an extensive global promotional campaign in support of ”Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” opening December 16.  Only 5,400 units of the Limited Edition vehicle will be available in the U.S. and Canadian markets – custom features include a unique badge designed in conjunction with Lucasfilm, along with exclusive interior and exterior trim items and a full-size Death Trooper collectible helmet.
Don’t forget that besides the West and South Halls, Kentia Hall houses the “Garage”.  This is the area where you will find the modified domestics and exotics as well as the lifted trucks as well.
The L.A. Auto Show runs until the 27th of this month.  http://laautoshow.com/


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