2019 SEMA Show | Las Vegas, NV

2019 SEMA Show
Las Vegas Convection Center (Las Vegas, NV)
November 5-8, 2019
The SEMA Show is not just the biggest car show on the planet, it is a yearly pilgrimage to see the newest trends in the automotive aftermarket scene.  It is also the time to reconnect with others in the automotive industry in one place.  And what better place to do that than, Las Vegas?
Every few years, there seems to be a trend or in this case, trends that seem to stand out.  This year was mainly the year of the Supra.  Toyota brought back this icon after nearly two decades of not selling this sports car.  And it appeared that a good percentage of manufacturers jumped on the chance to modify one and showcase a GR Supra in their booth.
The second trend that was very obvious was Overlanding. There was a sizeable area under the tents at the Performance Pavilion that showcased some of the many products that are available to those who want to take adventures to remote areas, but with added capabilities and options at hand.  It is all about the journey. And what better way is there to open one’s eyes to the great outdoors than jumping in your vehicle and taking a excursion?
Those who are not familiar with the SEMA Show is in for a surprise.  The Las Vegas Convention Center holds around 2 million square feet of exhibit space.  But SEMA takes up all of this as well as every bit of available exterior parking and nearby hotels for additional exhibit space.  It is amazing that we are somewhat able to cover most of what the show has on display in the short four days of the show.  And getting around this show is tough.  The SEMA show has nearly 161,000 attendees as well as 2,400 exhibiting manufacturing companies.  And if this show wasn’t big already, attendees to SEMA got to see the convention center’s new expansion, currently under construction, which should be finished by 2021.  That building has over 600,000 sf of exhibit hall space, in addition to three levels of meeting rooms.  The growth potential for the SEMA Show will be huge in just a few year’s time.
For more information regarding the SEMA Show visit, www.semashow.com

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