2018 In-N-Out & Hot Rod Magazine 70th Anniversary

2018 In-N-Out & Hot Rod Magazine 70th Anniversary
Auto Club Raceway (Pomona, CA)
November 17, 2018
This was a very significant event that celebrated the 70th Anniversaries of In-N-Out Burger and Hot Rod Magazine. Both of these companies are ingrained in Southern California’s deeply rooted car culture.  It was a day that was filled with hot rods and hamburgers.  What’s not to like about that combo?
There were so many awesome cars to check out at this event, from classics to contemporaries.  And it took quite a while to go up and down the endless aisles just to see them all.  But it was all worth it when lunch time rolled around.  The smell of a freshly made Double-Double wafting through the air was heavenly.  In-N-Out makes some of the very best burgers in town.
But in addition to the sights and smells, you also had the roaring sound from the raceway.  The lines to get onto the 1/4 mile dragstrip was never ending as everyone wanted to launch their rides as well as secure bragging rights for who had the fastest times.
And lastly, the merchandise tent was absolutely swamped with fans as they quickly depleted the stock that the organizers brought to the event.  Luckily, the event shirts are still available on Hot Rod’s website at  https://www.shophotrod.com/products/in-n-out-burger-and-hot-rod-70th-anniversary

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