2018 Shukai – San Jose Japantown

2018 Shukai
San Jose, CA
October 7, 2018

On a breezy Sunday afternoon, one of the best if not the best free & family friendly import auto gatherings occurred at San Jose, California’s Japantown.  This event is known as Shukai which was celebrating its 6th Annual event brought to you by Wheels N Meals, Headliners and The AutoGround.  Not just a gathering of car enthusiasts, Shukai is also a celebration of one of the many cultures that make up the roots of this country of immigrants.

The several streets of Japantown were blocked off for this 4-hour gathering represented largely by the import auto community of Northern California along with the establishments along the streets of Japantown to provide an experience unique only to this event.  Imagine walking down the middle of a street filled by a few blocks of modified car builds and restorations ranging from classic Datsuns & Toyotas to the rare exotics and sports cars like Supras & Skylines. All these vehicles wouldn’t be present without the support of the local shops and car groups such as Speed Elements, Raceworz, High Octane Tuners, Endless Projects, D10, O2, Inspire, Hokori, Outcast and StanceNation to name just a few.

But not just the eyecandy of these exceptional car builds are there to appreciate thoughout the day. Your stomach tells you that you haven’t had lunch yet after viewing a block full of modified family vans brought by VanKulture, and you are surrounded with many choices like a Japanese supermarket for those quick Japanese snacks & drinks, ramen noodle, shabu shabu, Hawaiian shave ice, food trucks and of course several sushi spots.  Other shops and vendors also lined the streets for those looking to buy Japanese trinkets, streetwear shops places like Cukui and Headliners, and pop-ups came out to support offering products reminding of the Japanese culture like SmellyPanda and their large collection of popular car air fresheners, HNRS with their selection of street products and HHwHH with their large selection of diecast cars bought by all ages.

The organizers did a wonderful job in organizing an event of this type.  Not only was it another opportunity to bring together a large car community, but it was an event that brought awareness and support to the local businesses that make up the historic Japantown of San Jose. That awareness and support will ultimately continue with many as returning customers throughout the years to come.

– Article by Joe Ninobla

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