2019 Japanese Classic Car Show

2019 Japanese Classic Car Show (JCCS)
Marina Green Park (Long Beach, CA)
September 21, 2019
Coverage by Joe Ninobla

For several years fellow old-school “Japanese car geeks” have asked me why they never seen me at the yearly JCCS event.  For one, some friends forget that I do not live in Southern California, and the second, the timing never worked out with other commitments happening in year’s past.  This year was different. I was somehow reminded of the event throughout the summer, and my calendar had the day free.  What made me lock in the Saturday, September 21st date was the fact that JCCS was celebrating its 15th anniversary.  When you’ve been holding a yearly car event for over a decade in the mecca of car gathering/events (Southern California), you’re doing something good.

The Japanese Classic Car Show (JCCS) held at Marina Green Park in Long Beach has been a family friendly event with a specific focus: celebrating the culture that defines the old-school Japanese vehicles.  And for fifteen years running, JCCS has had the reputation of America’s first and original Japanese car event.  This event will definitely not disappoint whether it’s your first time attending like myself, or have been one of those making the yearly pilgrimage.

I showed up early in the morning during roll-in to observe some of the “workings” of what makes this event so successful.  First, you had a good number of porta-potties at both ends of the venue as well as a few food trucks lined up that can handle a pretty large crowd. Second, you had dozens and dozens of volunteers/representatives assisting all the vehicles staging to their proper location in an impressive efficient manner.   Lastly, you had an endless row of vendors that were all there reinforcing the culture that makes old-school Japanese cars so popular.  I swear, if I was doing a livestream on Facebook or Twitch of the vendors and cars rolling in, viewers would probably have thought I was at some swap meet for cars geeks in a large park in Japan.  That’s how cool the vibe felt.

Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, “3-Diamond” and other Japanese makes were all present representing a long history of Japanese vehicle designs whether in pure original factory-stock or with up-to-date mods that make that CRX, Bluebird or 280Z even more awesome then it was when it was first rolled off the factory floors decades ago. And those mods…

Many of the aftermarket companies were all representing:  Greddy, Cusco, Tein, Enkei, OS Giken, and list goes on. Let’s face it, JCCS is representing the best of a “hot-rod” culture, but with Japanese “seasoning”.  And the large crowd in attendance wanted to experience all of it.

I had to leave early in order to catch my next event that day, but I was definitely impressed in what I had experienced.  Even when I was leaving with about 90 minutes before the show would end, there was still a fairly long line around the block eagerly waiting to go inside.  That’s pretty impressive for any car show.

To the organizers of JCCS, we salute you in putting on an extraordinary event that is a “must-attend” for any fan of old-school Japanese cars and motorcycles.  Having respect of the vintage builds will keep this car culture ongoing for future generations to appreciate.

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