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SEMA Garage Open House 2016

2016 SEMA Garage Open House (Diamond Bar, CA)
July 28, 2016

This year’s open house was amazing.  It showcased the SEMA Garage facilities and how it benefits its members.  On hand was the new 2017 Acura NSX lifted on a rack and ready for measuring sessions.  SEMA routinely hosts new cars as well as international vehicles for its members to analyze and take measurements so that they can quickly develop new aftermarket products.  In addition to this room, the facilities allow members to analyze vehicle parts and adjust emissions for government compliance.  The studio bay is large enough to photograph vehicles and there is a smaller infinity cove to shoot parts.  And there is a large conference room on the second floor where meetings and/or training can be conducted.

One of the most important items discussed at the event was the defeat of the overreaching regulations of the EPA with regard to the Clean Air Act.  If the EPA had their way, they would have prevented any modification of emissions-certified vehicles into race cars.  SEMA continues to fight for the industry and its members and wants your help so that the Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports (RPM) Act is passed.

Additional information regarding SEMA’s position can be found at this link,  www.sema.org/epa-news

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