2020 Toyo Tires X Super Street Car Meet

Honda Center (Anaheim, CA)
January 25, 2020
It’s that time of year again where Toyo Tires and Super Street Magazine hosts their annual car meet and calendar launch.  It is the must attend gathering of SoCal car enthusiasts and the packed parking lots around the Honda Center were a clear indication of that.  Even getting a calendar and meeting the new Toyo models took over an hour too.

But this year is somewhat bittersweet when finding out last year that Super Street’s print magazines will be coming to an end.  The Enthusiast Network (TEN) had announced that it was discontinuing 19 automotive magazines.  It is the sign of the times as subscription rates drop and print no longer sells like it did in the past.  Here’s hoping that Super Street continues in the future digital realm and showcases the hottest builds on the scene.

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