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Joel Bonifacio is an award-winning videographer and published photographer who has produced several internet shows. He is Car Culture TV’s Executive Producer, Guy with Camera, and is CEO of Creative Productions.  Joel’s been in the car industry since 1981, running auto-body repair shops and is a certified diesel mechanic.  He continues to be involved with glamour video, photography and motorsports.

Clinton Lum Head of Lumdigital and Director of Photography at Car Culture TV. He is a graduate of USC and is one of Southern California’s hottest photographers.  With a background in glamour, motorsports, and event photography, Clinton brings his passion expertise to Car Culture TV.

Paul Mar is a published Los Angeles based photographer who contributes event coverage to Car Culture TV. With a background working with ESPN XGames and Rockstar Energy, he has had the pleasure of documenting amazing athletes and musicians from Tanner Foust to Steve Aoki in and out of the limelight. His goal is to bring Car Culture TV’s audience through the fence and onto the track.

Druu is a composer, songwriter and award-winning video producer who runs media company LoFREEQ Recordings. He is Car Culture TV’s Contributing Producer and music provider, who along with Joel Bonifacio created the original Car Culture web series for Bite Me TV.

Brian Batara is Car Culture’s photographer, videographer, field producer, and VP of Creative Productions. He has an educational background in photography. He also specializes in glamour and motorsports.

Monique is Car Culture’s newest host. She made her debut at SPOCOM Anaheim 2015. She is a California Girl that’s hosted many shows including Poorman’s Bikini Beach, Questlife TV, and other cable shows. She also does hair and makeup for film and TV industry. She’s a great addition to our team.

Jose A Ortiz is a Los Angeles based photographer with many passions including Cabinet Making, Ceramics, and Origami. He started taking photos by capturing special moments with family and friends and soon realized that pictures make a lasting impression. He attended the Tri-Community Program in Covina, CA to enhance his photography skills. He is a published photographer in automotive, lifestyle, and glamour magazines and owns JAO Photography.

Keilani Riggins is Car Culture’s director and producer.  She’s a former umbrella girl for Achilles Tire and has been in the car scene for several years.

Edwin S. Camanag is an alumni of Cal State Long Beach and is one Car Culture TV’s most experienced drift shooters. He got his start in photography covering the explosive growth of the Scion culture beginning in 2005 and has shot major events for Scion Racing including the Long Beach Grand Prix Celebrity Race since 2010. If his assignment choice is between a car show and a track event, he’ll be at the track.

Larry Gamboa is Car Culture’s San Diego based photographer and producer. He’s been a part of the glamour and automotive industry for years. His expertise brings a new dynamic to the team.

Adam Hyatt is a Photographer, Videographer, & Director. Based out of LA/Vegas, he is internationally published in automotive, lifestyle, glamour, swimsuit, & lingerie magazines. He covers car shows, racing, conventions, corporate events, special events, nightclubs, and model events. He runs his own businesses Adam Hyatt Photography and All Access Motorsports. Also Co-Operating Nathan Drake Productions for video productions of all kinds.

Jovy Quilala is Car Culture’s videographer, photographer and producer. He’s always there getting the shots or helping produce events.

Christian Cabrales is owner of Photoccopy.com and is Car Culture TV’s Field Producer and Photographer. With many years of photography experience, Christian is a huge asset to this website.

Vanessa is Car Culture’s newest host.  She made her debut at The Infamous Car Club Car Show and Toy Drive in late 2014.  She is originally from Maine and has made an easy transition to California life.  We’re lucky to have her!

Gary Phung is a photographer with extensive import show coverage dating back to 1999. Gary has been a contributor to many online publications since then and continues to expand his portfolio into glamour and fashion photography. He is always looking to capture the best moments and share them with the rest of the world.

Cindy is Car Culture’s Field Producer and Executive Assistant. Cindy is also a published model and helps us organize shoots, interviews, and events.

Arley Elizabeth is an internationally published model, Corona Ring Girl and Host for Car Culture TV. Arley works behind the camera as a Field Producer and Camera Operator and she does all of her own stunts (she’s a part-time stunt woman trained at the Academy of Theatrical Combat). She is in charge of keeping the Car Culture TV crew in check, and yes…she can kick all of their asses.

Maggie Sanchez is Car Culture’s host.  She debuted with her SEMA interview of the legendary Chip Foose.  Maggie is also a model and has had hosting experience on the O’Brown show for breal.tv and The Groove Shxk for roxfordradio.com.

Brandon Johnston photographer and photojournalist from DC, based out of San Diego.  Experienced in action, sports, event, and model photography.  Contributing photographer for Car Culture TV and Groove Entertainment. Loves import cars, especially Nissan R34’s!

John Chennavasin is Car Culture’s newest photographer who’s internationally published in glamour, swimsuit, and lingerie magazines. He also covers car shows, conventions, and model events.  John enriches Car Culture by adding a new dimension on our photography.

Julian Williams is Car Culture’s photographer and videographer. He has been apart of the automotive industry and with his experience he transforms what he knows into his images.

“Quang-Bang” X. Vu is Car Culture TV’s Field Producer and Head Ninja Photographer. From handling studio shoots to running rampant all over Southern California Car Scene, Quang always got the shots.

Faraz Mohammadi is Car Culture TV’s Webmaster and Content Director.  Without Faraz, we’d just be another blog with no substance.  His work is never-ending as he continually updates our site and social media.

Corey Crimmins is Car Culture TV’s Videographer and Field Producer. Having studied film and photography, Corey enhances the professionalism of our group.

Jeff Leroy is Car Culture’s director and editor, known for Rat Scratch Fever (2011), Hell’s Highway(2002) and Eyes of the Werewolf (1999).